In order to meet the needs of the above requirements of customers, the Customs declaration of our imported and exported goods is enhanced with the criterion of providing customers with a “minimum cost and maximum efficiency” solution.
We cover all types:
• Import and export for business
• Import and export for proceduring
• Import and export for production and exporting
• On-spot import and export
• Temporary import for re-export, temporary export for re-import
• Groceries
• Transit
• Import and export with or without tax
Specific jobs:
• Form a complete set of customs declaration procedures
• Customs registration and apply tax identification number
• Arrange for inspections or apply for inspection outside working hours
• Complete the procedures required by Customs such as : Tax, quality inspection, food safety inspection, animal and plant quarantine, fumigation…
• Carrying goods to customer's warehouse with imported cargo or liquidation of Customs for exported cargo
• Import and export consulting services, consulting taxes for various types of import and export, investment in outsourcing, constructing new projects...